Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome to the GTHS Library Renewal Blog!

To reflect the importance Gymea THS places on Literacy, Life-long learning, Information skills and technology I have decided we need to rethink how we use the space and resources in the Library. I envisage major changes in layout and presentation but also want to cater better for the needs of our school community in terms of the collection and services offered. In order to undertake such a challenge (which I anticipate will need to be over a timeframe of several years) and to develop a master plan, I would like to gather as many suggestions and comments as possible. Hence this Blog! Waiting for your comments!


  1. Blogged in just to be the first. Good move to use technology to get input Ann. I suspect Space is a problem and it might be useful to consider "hard copy info" ie Books - I think I just invented a new acronym for the GFC generation - HCI. I know it is heresy to get rid of books but in the science area there are books that have not been borrowed or looked at in my 21 years at the school.
    r we aloud 2 txtspk on yr blog? 2 save tme


  2. Just wanted 2 b 1st non-techno 2 blog in. I think a quiet sleeping area upstairs would b nice!

  3. I like the sleeping area idea, but year 12 beat Al to it. I think a lot could be done in terms of database access and reference materials. In English though we still tend to use books a lot.


  4. I'm with Wayne - if I'm reading for pleasure give me a book any time but if I'm chasing information I'll get it up to date as possible which means electronic. I suspect that Gen Y are different. Lot's are now "reading" with their ears with podcasts.
    There is actually something very special about a great book which is very well read, expressively by someone with a great voice. We were all probably first introduced to literature via our parents reading to us.
    Come to think of it there would be something very social about listening to a good book in a group rather than isolated through earbuds. Maybe a small room dedicated to such a purpose?